MPPS Writing the ECU

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This covers how to write an engine ECU

Plug in the MPPS Cable before starting the MPPS Software


  1. Connect the vehicle to a battery charger (recommended but not required)
  2. Connect the laptop to a charger (recommended but not required)
  3. Select the Make of the vehicle from the drop down menu
  4. Select the Model of the Vehicle From the drop down menu.
  5. Select the Engine or ECU Type from the menu.
  6. Connect the MPPS to the vehicle if it is not already connected.
  7. Select ECU ID
  8. Select Write
  9. Select the file you wish to write
  10. .Select OK to continue
  11. The ecu will write please be patient..
    ME7 may prompt the below message.  Press no if this ECU is in a car.
  12. Do not play with the computer or touch or move things while the ECU is programming
  13. You may encournter FLASH Counters OPTIONS in ME7 to reset the number of times the ECU flashing has taken place in the EEPROM Memory.
  14. Switch OFF Key To Continue
  15. Switch On Key To Continue
  16. ECU is programmed.







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