MPPS Driver Installation

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This section covers checking the MPPS Flash Driver and updating of the Driver

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Right Click on Computer / My Computer / This PC / Start button
  3. Find Manage and Left Click
  4. Left Click on the device manager
  5. The above photo shows the DRIVER IS OK and is INSTALLED correctly.  Right Click there to perform an update if required.
  6. In the above picture the driver is NOT INSTALLED or INCORRECTLY INSTALLED
  7. Right Click on Amt Flash and left click on Update Driver Software or Update Driver
  8. Select Browse my computer for Driver Software
  9. Further selcect Browse in the photo below and find the "C:\MPPS\Device Driver" folder or type it in.
  10. Note the above photo "Include subfolders", next may be pressed.
  11. Check of Always trust software from "Amt-Cartech Ltd". If you don't ever wish to be promped again and press Install
  12. The driver update or installation process is now complete.






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