MPPS Checksum the File

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Depending on the ECU the checksum may be calculated during the write process.  If you see the Checksum button on the selected ECU and the message "You need to checksum this file before writing!!" then you should checksum the modified file before writing.


Question Answer
What is a checksum. A checksum is a block of digital data that is used to verify the contents is of the memory is correct.  Upon modifying the data the correct checksum must be calculated to ensure proper operation of the Engine Control Unit (ECU).
What happens if I checksum a file that was already checksummed. It will not cause a problem if a file is checksummed twice.  In most cases this will result in zero changes as the checksum is already made for the file.  Although in a very small number of instances the MPPS Checksum may be slightly different than a checksum calculated using a differnt method.  In This case it will also be ok to checksum the file a second time.

How to checksum

  1. Select the correct ECU TYPE
  2. Press the checksum button
  3. Select the modified file that you wish to checksum
  5. Select the file name to save the checksummed file to
  6. You now have a checkummed file that you can WRITE to the ECU.

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