Shipping and Delivery Information

Depending on your requirements items may require shipping either to us or from us.

We do our best to attain both choice of delivery speed and cost by offering different shipping options to suit your needs.

Service Times

In many cases items are serviced withing 1-2 business days.
  *As not all engine computers are identical and unusual or different varients exist, less common versions may take some additional time.

Our Address

When an item is being sent in for servicing or upgrade please send all packages to our us at

Autotime Services
4-115 First Street
Suite 304
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 4W3

email us: your tracking information

International Shipments

When shipping to us internationally please contact us for instructions.  Items must be shipped correctly.  Customs fees and duties from incorrectly shipped items must be paid before your item will be returned as well we reserve the right to deny the shipment in some cases.  For information on how to ship an item correctly please contact us.

When we ship a product or item to you, depending on your contry, local taxes may be assessed on import.  Please provide any special shipping instructions on your order.  The physical Engine ECUs sent in for software upgrade or service being returned have not been assesed any duty or tax as we are returning an item you already own however brokerage fees can apply depending on the shipping method.

Check for a DEALER in your country as you can save on shipping cost and shipping time.

Outbound Shipments

We use a variety of couriers including Canada Post (USPS), FedEX, UPS, DHL and others.

The rates for the appropriate shipping method will be shown at checkout.

Some items may contain free shipping to certain countries or provences.