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The parts section bring you parts that are commly used on upgrades.

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Boost Regulating Valve / PCV Valve 06A129101D

SIZE 20mm used to regulate boost or as PCV valve.Check the application on your vehicle. ..


Bosch 06A906031J Fuel Injector

Fuel injector 06A906031J used on Audi TT 1.8T 225hp AMU engine code.This is a popular upgr..

$222.59 $95.61

Check Valve 058905291K

Used In Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems Audi  A4 2WD  1996&..


Check Valve 07C133529A

Used In Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems Audi  A4 2WD  2000&..


Bosch 5DP0R Platinum

Bosch 1 Electrode PlatinumCommonly used on VW/Audi 1.8T and 2.7T..

$19.04 $15.91

Diverter Valve 06H145710D for 2.0T

Mounted directly on the turboFits the following vehicles Audi  A4 2WD ..

$117.49 $81.50

Turbo Waste Gate Valve 06F906283F

N75 Valve / SolenoidMounted on the turboFits Audi  A4 2WD  2005&nb..


EVAP Purge Valve 06E906517A

N-80 valvePurpose: Vents gas from fuel tank to intake manifold.Common DTC001110 - EVAP System&n..